Do grocery prices have you considering starting your own garden this year? If so, here are some fruits and vegetables that are the perfect choice for novice gardeners. 


Who doesn’t love berries? You pay a small fortune for them in the grocery store. How about you start growing them yourself instead? Believe it or not, raspberries and blackberries are pretty easy to grow. Just plant them in the ground and watch them thrive. Both of these berries are perennials so they will keep creating everything they need to flourish year after year. All you have to do is maintain them through occasional pruning. The most important thing you can do to make sure your berries are successful is to research the type of berry you want to plant. Make sure it can survive in the climate you live in. Some berries aren’t going to do well in certain parts of the country (unless they’re in a greenhouse). Make sure you have this information before you spend time and money on any plants for that matter. 


If you have the space, vining cucumbers are a great addition to any garden. However, if you’re looking for a way to grow cucumbers in a smaller area, don’t worry! There are methods of growing this vegetable in containers and also in the ground. You can make this crop work wherever you are.


Garlic is a versatile and easy plant to grow. Not only can you use it fresh in a number of different ways, you can dry it, blend it up and make your own garlic powder as well. An article written by Jolene Hansen for states, “Garlic can be planted in spring, but fall-planted garlic leads to bigger, better crops. Be sure garlic is treated to enough chilly weather while growing or the bulb-like heads won’t separate into cloves.”


Tomatoes are extremely easy to grow both in a garden bed and in a pot on your patio. They’re actually great for people who don’t have a lot of space because you can use cages to help them grow up, grow better and also make harvesting them easier. They also love heat! If you’re located in a warmer environment, try growing some delicious tomatoes!  


The above mentioned article goes on to say, “Plant zucchini and other squash seeds straight into your garden at the end of spring planting season. Eat soft-skinned squash when ripe; store thick-skinned squash into winter. Learn about growing zucchini and squash, including their edible blossoms. With simple-to-grow fruits and veggies like these, you’ll discover just how easy, rewarding and enjoyable growing your own can be.”

Bell Peppers

Bell peppers start out green, but the longer they grow, they change to different colors. They can be red, yellow, purple and even chocolate brown. Just remember, they might change color after getting picked, but they won’t get sweeter. 

Save a little grocery money by venturing into gardening this year!

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