Recipes for Your Summer Barbeque

    Nothing says summer quite like a backyard barbecue. You have your classic burgers and hot dogs on the grill, but you want to switch it up a little. Here are [...]
  • Summer

    Summer Vacation Guide

    There are so many vacation hotspots out there, and summer only lasts so long. What type of vacation do you choose? Where do you go? This vacation guide will help [...]
  • Board Games

    Card Games for the Road

    One of the best things about board games is the fun, competition, and memories you make while playing them with friends and family. The only drawback is that they’re typically [...]
  • Biking
    Health & Fitness

    Easy Activities

    Instead of sitting on the couch and watching television, today is the day that you try something new. Learning something new can be daunting and intimidating, so here are some [...]
  • Skincare

    Korean Beauty Routine

    The 10-step Korean beauty has been touted as one of the best beauty routines in the world. It’s a lifestyle that rooted in Korea’s obsession with healthy skin and worth [...]
  • Gelato

    Talenti Layers

    Just when you thought Talenti gelato couldn’t get any better, it does (and just in time for summer)! Talenti recently released a new line called “Gelato Layers” in seven wonderful [...]
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