After more than a year of increased family togetherness, sending your kids back to school might feel a little bittersweet. If you’re worried about maintaining the closeness and connection you’ve established with your kids, here are ten activities that can help.

One- on- One Time

Each of your children need one- on- one time. Check in with them to see how they’re doing. Find out if they’re struggling with anything. Listen when they tell you about their day. Let your children set the tone for what you do during this special, individual time.


Children learn the most through play. Being silly and laughing with your kids also helps them de-stress. It releases oxytocin in both of you and stimulates your endorphins. Don’t forget to set time aside each day to play with your kids.

Set Aside Technology

Spa day

Technology is amazing for so many things, but keeping us present is not one of them. There are times when children need your undivided attention. Putting your phone down to connect with your child is a physical representation of how important they are. It’s good for them to see you choosing them over your phone.  


There is tremendous value in having your children cook or bake with you. Not only are they learning new skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives, they’re spending quality time with you. Their newfound cooking skills will help them feel more capable and confident.

Do Chores Together

Establish a ‘team’ mentality within your family. Do chores alongside your children. This type of connection helps you work towards a common goal. Set an example and teach your children the value and importance of hard work.



Reading to your children has a number of benefits. It can foster increased vocabulary, and a greater capacity for learning. Carve out some time during your day, even 10-15 minutes, to read aloud to your kids.

Embrace All Emotions

It’s our job as parents to keep our cool while our children experience a wide range of emotions. They will have good days and bad. Celebrate when they have successes, and comfort them when they don’t. No matter what they’re dealing with, be their safe space.


Whatever your children are going through, empathize with them. Don’t make them feel like their problems are not as bad as yours. If it’s important to them, it should be important to you.

Get Outside Together

Kid in the sun

Take some time to get outside and enjoy nature a bit. Whether it’s a family bike ride, hike, or a camping trip, find an outdoor activity your family can enjoy together.


Collaborate with your kids to foster success within your home. Host a ‘family council’ so your children understand that they are valued members of the family. Work with them to iron out any issues. It’s important that they know their voices will be heard.

Use these activities to help maintain connection with your children.

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