4 back to school tips you can’t afford to miss

Summer is flying past and the kiddos will be headed back for a new year of school before you know it. Back to school time can be a marathon of shopping for supplies, meeting new teachers, and getting back into the school year routine. Make things a little more manageable this year by following these tips.

Shop for supplies with a list handy

Even if you are unusually a “wing it” type of shopper, having a list of all of the supplies, clothing items, and extra stuff you and your kids need will save you time in the long run. After all, there’s nothing worse than getting home from a full day of shopping only to realize you didn’t pick up the protractor required for 7thgrade math! Break down the list by the various shops you plan on going to, and if you’re feeling extra ambitious, check the prices online ahead of time to make sure you’re getting the best deal on supplies.

Start getting your kids back on their school schedule

If the little ones have spent their summer staying out as late as they please and sleeping until noon, adjusting back to their regular school year schedule may take some time. To prevent them from falling asleep at their desks the first day back, start gradually working them back into the morning routine they can expect for the rest of the school year. It may be a struggle now, but it’ll mean a smoother transition once their start date rolls around.

Figure out the daily commute

One of the biggest struggles of back to school time is figuring out how you, your kids, and your spouse are going to get to and from work and school every day in a timely manner. Add clubs, activities, and social events into the mix, and it’s even more of a struggle. Explore public transportation as an option for kids who are old enough, or see if you could set up a carpool with friends or neighbors who have kids around the same age. Figuring out the details ahead of time will make it much easier than waiting until the last minute.

Help your kiddo brush up on their curriculum

Kids tend to get a little lax on their studies over the summer and might forget some of the things they learned last year—and that’s ok! But it’s good to keep the young ones on track by going over basic skills and working on any projects they have been assigned over the summer. Ensure that any summer homework has been completed and feel free to ask teachers during back to school night what else your child could work on at home to prepare for the new school year.

As we say goodbye to summer, thinking ahead about the school year to come can save you from a future headache. Start making your plans now and adjusting back into your usual routine for a happier start to your kids’ school years.

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