Move over cute and cuddly creatures that are usually the stars of the internet.  Dogs, cats and bunnies need not apply here.  Having a rough day at work or need a little pick me up?  These are just a few of the weirder animals out there that are so cute, you won’t be able to resist.

Baby Aardvarks

Okay, maybe you’ve heard of aardvarks before, but have you ever logged them into the cute category?  With that long nose, beady eyes and stomping stuffy feet, you’ll be googling more videos and pictures of these cuties.

Baby Dik Dik

The smallest of the antelope species, these look like little tiny fawns.  Their huge eyes are just begging to be awed at.  Their unique name comes from the sound they make in the wild.  They are usually found in Africa, but with the beauty of the internet you can visit them anytime!

Baby Wombat

These little ones look like furry piglets with tons of energy.  They are part of the marsupial family so they will climb into their mother’s pouch after birth much like the kangaroos.  When they emerge, they look like the cutest little buddy you’d ever want following your around everywhere.

Baby Porcupine

Porcupines usually get a bad rap for their quills and hurting people.  Who could ever be scared of these little babies?  There are lots of video of these cuties eating bananas – it must be their favorite treat!

All of these animals are too adorable to pass up watching.  Maybe you’ll find a few new creatures yourself to enjoy and share with friends.  It just goes to show there is plenty of room for internet fame for all types of critters out there.

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