If you’ve been single for a while…

you might be asking yourself if you’re stuck with the bar scene or awkward blind dates as your only means of finding a potential partner. But worry not! These locations and venues are prime places to meet your ideal mate.

A local brewery

Unlike the weekend bar crawl, breweries are popping places to go all week long and are usually crowded with people from all walks of life. Bring a few friends to a brewery you love and challenge a group of the opposite sex to a friendly game of corn hole or giant Jenga. It’s a low-pressure way to hang out with new friends, and sparks may even fly between members of your groups.

A festival or performance

What better place to meet people who have interests similar to your own than at an event you both enjoy? Take a look at your community calendar to find out when performances, festivals, or showcases will be happening in your area. If you’re not comfortable going alone, recruit a wing-woman whose job is to start a conversation with any hotties you may spot.


Sites like Meetup.com and Reddit commonly host events where individuals who are interested in meeting new people come together to get to know one another. It’s the ideal way to find a new group of friends (and possibly more!) since everyone attending is interested in expanding their social circle.

Take a class

Want to learn more about cooking, automotive care, or woodworking? Take a class as a way to expand your horizons while also scoping out the single scene. Choosing classes that you know are filled with mostly men or mostly women is also in your best interest, as it gives you a little more variety and more opportunities to meet people of your preferred gender.

Join an intramural league

Stay healthy, have fun, and potentially meet someone you’ll connect with by joining a co-ed sports team. Time spent practicing and competing is sure to form strong connections among teammates, and one of those connections could lead to a romantic pursuit.

Before you declare yourself single for life, think outside the box and set yourself up to meet a potential partner with interests similar to your own.

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