5 first date ideas that are totally not awkward

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Sick of the “dinner and a movie” routine for first dates? Ditch tradition in favor of doing something out of the box, which you and your date will both appreciate. Try one of these activities next time you plan a first date with that special someone.

Take a class together

Attending an interactive class is an awesome way for you and your date to get to know each other while brushing up on a new skill. Take a cooking class and whip up a tasty new dish, a woodworking class to create something cool, or a swing dance class to learn some new dance moves. Taking a class together allows you to learn more about your date’s personality and past life experiences in comparison to your own.

Try a new experience

Dates should be fun, so what better time to try that thing you’ve always wanted to do than with a potential partner? Take that historical walking tour in your hometown and discover all the cool haunts that have been right under your nose this whole time. Or, hit your local rock climbing gym and learn the basics of belaying before conquering a wall or two.

Get outdoors

Sometimes the perfect venue for love to bloom at is the great outdoors. Find a local trail and take a hike with your date (Bonus points if you bring your dog along). Or, pack up a picnic and wow them with a homemade meal in the park. If the weather is good, you could even hit up the nearest beach or lake for a day spent lounging in the sand.


Show your date that you care about a cause by taking them to volunteer at your charity or organization of choice. Pass out meals at a soup kitchen, walk dogs or play with cats at the animal shelter, or spend time with elders at a senior home. Your date will appreciate your kindness and feel good about making a difference in your community.

Learn something new

Share your thirst for knowledge with your potential partner by taking them on a date where you can both learn new things. A trip to the art or science museum can help you discover pieces of history, and the zoo provides a fun and educational experience for all.

By thinking outside of the box for your next date, you can have a worthwhile experience while impressing your potential partner with your creativity. See if sparks will fly during a date that neither of you are likely to forget.

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  1. I feel like the ideal first date would be a picnic in the late afternoon hours and watching the stars and talking to each other about yourselves. No sex maybe a goodnight kiss or a long walk under the stars as well.

    • I agree with Melinda. My first date with my “new” boyfriend… He brought his brother along. After the first hour, he finally took him to e. (The brother was the same age I was). When the boyfriend came back to the car, (after getting some money from his mom, we were in high school), he apologized for having his brother with him. Gracias a total gentleman the fest of the night. 39yrs. Later, we are the parents of two beautiful grown girls and we have a 8yr. Old granddaughter. I often wonder what would have happened if he hadn’t taken his brother home when he did.
      I believe in going slow, my husband and I were friends before we started dating. We Married when I was 17 and he was 19. The next 11 years were spent in the Navy, serving our country.

  2. I used to take my dates to the lake near my home on first dates at night, if she doesn’t like the lake at night or sitting on my tailgate on the mountain, she won’t last with me anyway

  3. One of my ideas is to go to a park or some other romantic spot, and take turns reading too each other from a good novel.

    • First dates are always interesting hopefully both Partners can come up with the same ideas interest it’s important but not always compatible at the right age and time lots of people take their time into old and new relationships we grow older and wiser to become a better person

    • My experience is if it’s meant to be if you are destined to be together than you will know thr very first you look at each other I do believe in love at first sight and if it’s the one you will have a amazing feeling in your heart and know if it’s meant to be so it doesn’t really where you go or how you get to know each other cause it’s like you have known each other all your life believe me when you find the one your destined to be with you will have no questions.

  4. One of my first dates ideas is to meet at the zoo and walk and talk to discuss their first experience at the zoo, their favorite animal, their inner animal spirit and their sexual beast.

  5. What about going to a carnival or an arcade, maybe mini-golf. Doing something fun helps to let your guard down so your real personality comes out. That’s when you can really see what kind of person you are dealing with.

  6. What about going to a carnival or an arcade, maybe even minigolf? Doing something fun helps to let your guard down so your real personality comes out. I think it’s much easier to meet people by doing fun activities. Personally I like to go dancing or even playing cards like Spades, something where you need a partner and is FUN!!!😊

  7. A first date should a place where two people can focus on getting to know each other. Doing something that doesn’t prevent focus on each other.

  8. A first date idea a picnic in the park, bring a football to toss around!!! Swing on the swings , go down the slides, act like a kid again!!!!

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