Pets are a constant source of love, affection, and entertainment. It’s safe to say that they make our homes a happier place. From mischievous dogs to sweet birds, the stars of these pet videos prove to us that our animal companions are a constant source of joy.

We can all relate to this sweet pooch that can’t stick to his diet

Who can say no to a delicious, greasy snack at the end of a hard day? This pup can’t!


This talented parrot performs a sweet and cheerful song

This adorable pet bird video is a good reminder of how lovely they can be as a member of your home. Listen as this talented little bird whistles a cheerful tune that’s sure to lift your spirits.


A concerned kitty gets confused by this daily grooming ritual

A warm bubble bath is not relaxing to everyone. Such is the case of this brave pet cat that, upon seeing its human submerged in water, tries to “rescue” her from the bath.


A curious pair of labs find a new playmate in this video

What a delight it is to see new and interesting creatures in their natural habitat! Here’s a pair of pet labs coming across a sea otter on the pier.


This energetic bunny enjoys an exciting fall tradition

One of the best parts of fall is enjoying the changing colors and playing in all of the fallen leaves. This cute little pet rabbit gets a taste of how fun the tradition can be!

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An adventurous pup enjoys her snow day

Sledding is just for kids, right? Wrong! This smart pup decided that sledding is a sport for the entire family, including herself! You won’t believe how this talented pup manages to take herself on a whirlwind trip down the hill without any help from her human at all.

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