The bar is high in 2022! Don’t settle for less than you deserve when it comes to your significant other. Here are a few green flags to look out for that will let you know you’re on the right track in your relationships. 

Good Listener

Pay attention to the way your partner listens to you. Are they actively seeking to hear and understand you? Do they make space for you in conversations? Do they ask thoughtful questions? Do they try to understand your thought processes? These are all green flags when it comes to a relationship. Make sure you’re doing these things for your partner as well! 

Emotionally Intelligent

Emotional intelligence is a must in relationships. Your partner should have a pretty solid idea of their hopes, dreams, emotions, behaviors, fears and patterns. If they do, it means they’ve spent time reflecting on their experiences and are trying to better understand themselves. An emotionally intelligent person is more likely to be intentional about how they behave in relationships. 

Active Part of the Relationship

You know it’s a good relationship when you feel like your partner is fully participating. An article written by Kelly Gonsalves for explains, “They make plans, they text you back consistently, and they generally show an active interest in you and nurturing the relationship. They’re not afraid to make it clear they like you. Being engaged is particularly vital to new relationships, but it continues to matter even for couples who’ve been together for years. Relationships will always require active effort and equal give-and-take from both parties. And fortunately, that’s a quality you can actually suss out fairly early on in a relationship.”

Willing to be Vulnerable

Vulnerability is a sign that your significant other is able to form secure attachments to others. In order for real intimacy to develop, this is incredibly important. Vulnerability allows your partner to get close to you. It shows they are willing to be open with how they feel about you. It also means they will be able to be open, caring and affectionate and truly let you in. If you and your partner are willing to be vulnerable with each other, your relationship will flourish. 

You Both have your Own Lives

A healthy relationship is one where each partner encourages the other to have their own interests, hobbies and friends. Couples who over- rely on each other run the risk of becoming co-dependent. If your partner appreciates and supports your individuality and independence, it’s a major green flag! 


Stability in a relationship is extremely important. If you’re constantly uncertain about how your partner is going to treat you and react to certain situations, it’s difficult to feel safe. Volatility and unpredictability are not traits you want in your relationship. You need comfort and balance in order to thrive. 

Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Keep an eye out for these green flags and you’ll find someone worth your time and energy.

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