Check out these happy pups reuniting with their owners

Dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason: No matter how much time humans are apart from them, they’re always glad to see us when we return. Watch these heartwarming videos of dogs reuniting with their families and get ready to melt.

Watch this happy pup get the happiest Christmas gift of all—his master

It doesn’t need to be Christmas—or even wintertime—for you to enjoy this sweet video. Little pup Trouble isn’t quite sure what to think when he is first presented with a giant, toy squeaking gift. But once he gets a whiff of the human underneath, he can barely contain his joy.

A happy Golden Retriever cries with joy upon soldiers return

While some dogs feel the need to run around in happy circles when they see their long-lost masters, this sweet Golden is content to snuggle right up to her owner. Her happy little cries at seeing her human again are sure to melt your heart.

Dog recognizer her owner after 3 years apart

This poor puppy got lost one day three years ago and has been living in a shelter ever since—until her former owner finally managed to track her down. Although she’s unsure about this strange human at first, she slowly comes to the realization that she has been reunited with her family at last.

German Shepherd playing fetch returns to a surprise

This adorable German Shepherd thought he was playing a normal game of fetch. But once he retrieves his ball, he finds his master there to surprise him. The sweet noises of happiness he makes are sure to make you “aww.”

Patient pup waits for the school bus

Even a few hours can seem like an eternity for dogs to be away from their people. Just look at how joyous this pup is when his little human returns home after a long day away at school.

Dogs have a way of putting a smile on your face no matter what, and it’s always nice to know that they miss us while we’re gone. But nothing is sweeter than reuniting with your canine companion at last.

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