Congratulations! You’ve managed to keep your plant alive for more than a month! Now you are ready to take the next step and adopt a pet. But there are so many to choose from and you want to make the right choice. Here is your guide to choosing the pet that best fits your lifestyle.

princess bulldog

On the go

Are you constantly on the move? Don’t let being busy keep you from your desire to have a pet in your life. You just need to choose wisely. Maybe start off with a fish or two, something really low maintenance. You feed them twice a day and you’re good to go. If fishes aren’t really your speed, maybe a small snake. You do have to give them live insects like crickets or worms every few days but they are a pretty low maintenance pet with a little more style than your average gold fish.


Do you ever get lonely in your sanctuary from the world? If so adopting a small bird just might help you to not feel quite so secluded. They are beautiful and fun to watch with their adorable personalities. The smaller birds make enough noise so your house doesn’t feel empty but not loud enough to sound like a zoo. Birds are easy to care for as well. Just make sure they have food and water and they play all day on their swings and ropes. It may be a good idea to get two little fellas because birds can be very social animals


Shy Cat on Bed

First love

Now that you have finally settled down with your significant other, it’s time for your first baby. The responsibility of caring for an animal will prepare you for children down the road and gives you both a chance to work together and exercise compromise because we all do things differently. Whether it be a new kitty or puppy, adopting the newest member of the family will help you and your boo grow closer as you start caring for and training them. A cat or dog is the perfect pet to start off with because they require lots of love and attention. Once you have them house trained they can be a little more independent.

Kid friendly

Got a house full of little ones that want a pet to entertain them? Hamsters or Guinea pigs just might work for you. Hamsters are bit smaller but seem more active. You can find them running around on their wheel all the time. Guinea pigs have a little more size to them so if your kids are a little older they can play with them if they are gentle enough. Teaching your children to care for another living creature is great because it teaches responsibility and compassion. Having them help you feed and clean up after the little guy will be the perfect chore for your child to teach them these qualities.

Choosing a furry friend can be super exciting. Just make sure you are giving them lots of love and attention, along with remembering to feed them, and have fun!

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