Are you searching for your next book? Instead of looking at the new releases, check out the classics. There is a reason they are still used in school. They are great reads. Each English teacher had to select a few to assign during your time in high school. There are many more to dive into and enjoy. Check out some of these favorites written long before any of us were born.

The Great Gatsby

Chances are you have seen the movie based on this novel with leading actor Leo DiCaprio. The Great Gatsby is the most popular book written about Scott Fitzgerald and published originally in 1925. The story is of a wealthy man that is in love with a beautiful woman. It follows their story through over-the-top parties and trials of getting together. It is a typical tale based in New York in the 1920’s. This novel is a quick read that has won multiple awards.

To Kill a Mockingbird


Harper Lee didn’t know at the time that he was writing a novel that would be read in high schools everywhere long after his death. To Kill a Mockingbird is a common reading assignment. If you somehow escaped reading this novel, move it to the top of your list. Published in 1960, it won three separate awards the following year. And even in 2007, received a classics award. Another interesting fact is that it has been translated into forty different languages.

Animal Farm

It is hard to think of a book published in 1996 as a classic, but Animal Farm is a classic everyone should read. Who doesn’t love a story with talking animals? While the point of the story is not just to entertain the reader. It is a fun read that can teach us so much more. It is a novel that is targeting any place where freedom is attacked. George Orwell has a way of pulling us in teaching us without any effort. Add this novel to your list.

Pride and Prejudice


Jane Austen loved writing and published many works. One of her most famous is Pride and Prejudice, published in 1813. It is a story revolving around a family with all girls and the eldest of those trying to find husbands. Written in a different time, find yourself falling back in time while diving into this novel. If you find yourself loving this classic novel, you can start on one of the many other novels written by this author.

Little Women

If you loved the movie based on this novel, you would enjoy the book with all the extra details. Movies have to be selective of what they include. A book can go on and on, bringing its world to life through the many pages. Little Women is another story of a family with all daughters and their life while courting and moving through life. Published in 1868, it is based on a society that happened over one hundred years ago.

Find a classic to enjoy.

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