Decadent desserts to treat yourself with

Treat yourself with these decadent desserts

It’s time to try your hand at making your own delicious creations. Indulge in any of these tasty recipes for a special occasion or just because you’ve earned it.

Slutty brownies

Combine brownie with the flavors of Oreos and cookie dough for a treat that you’ll be dreaming about. You can easily pick up premixed ingredients at the store for this recipe. It’s a must-have for lazy nights in or unexpected guests.


Salted brown butter crispy treats

Get sophisticated with this remix recipe. Carefully browning butter for a rich, nutty taste and adding a dash of sea salt at the end will completely transform your rice crispy experience for the better. This recipe takes 20 minutes tops and lets you skip the oven entirely.

Source: Smitten Kitchen

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Caramel peanut butter truffles

This vegan-friendly recipe is a treat even if you don’t follow any special diets. Re-hydrated dates tossed in the food processor for a few minutes makes an incredible caramel-like base for confections. It’s sure to make you the star of every potluck.

Source: Minimalist Baker

Monster cookie dough dip

Guilty of dipping your spoon in the cookie dough? It’s time to rejoice. This recipe was specially created to give you the experience of the cookie dough. It also minimizes any sort of health risk it may cause.

Source: Something Swanky

Snickerdoodle mug cake

This recipe doesn’t require an oven. Enjoy the flavor of a classic snickerdoodle in the form of a single-serve cake that can be enjoyed after just one minute in the microwave.

Source: Five Heart Home

Whether you’re planning for the local bake sale or you’re just craving an extra special treat, these desserts will never disappoint.


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