Fall is one of the most wonderful times of year and decorating accordingly can keep your home fresh and cozy. Let your creativity fly free with any of these do-it-yourself projects that are perfect for fall.


Find Your Inner Botanist With This Leaf Card Art

Pluck a few interesting leaves from branches around your neighborhood and use your local library or the good ‘ol Internet to identify the trees they came from. Once you’re done, make adorable prints on card-stock and write the name of the tree underneath. This project is great for turning into cards that you can send to family and friends or for displaying in your home.

Source: Midwest Living


Create a Stunning Wreath That Captures the Colors of Fall

If you can’t bear to see the end of fall quite yet, there’s still hope! This clever crafting project uses liquid glycerin to preserve fall leaves from your neighborhood. Once the branches are encased in a protective coating, shape them into a gorgeous wreath to hang on your front door.

Source: Southern Living

Use Old Scraps To Make This Scarecrow That’s More Cute Than Scary

Who says that scarecrows only belong on the field? Bring that adorable fall staple into your own home by making one to lounge on your front porch or frighten away the birds in your garden.

Use an old pair of pants or overalls, a festive shirt, and a few pieces of cloth to put together your own fall friend. Stuff it full of the traditional straw or with whatever paper or fabric scraps you have laying around.

Source: The Budget Decorator


Dress Up a Dollar Store Candle With This Fall Staple

If you’re DIYing on a budget, this is an awesome option for bringing fall into your home. Purchase a couple of medium size candles from the dollar store then hit up your local bulk foods or grocery store for whole cinnamon sticks. Using a hot glue gun set to the lowest heat setting, glue the cinnamon sticks together in a circle to encase the candle.

Source: Martha Stewart


Use Fall Gourds as Creative Vases on Your Table

If you’ve been eyeing the gorgeous selection of gourds at your grocery store but haven’t figured out how to use them, rejoice! This craft puts them on display. Cut the tops off of a small group of gourds, then hollow them out enough to fit a small bunch of flowers or some florist tubes. Add some seasonal flowers and enjoy.

Source: The Merrythought


Bring the wonders of fall inside with this selection of festive crafts.

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