Kwanzaa is all about family and showing gratitude to yourself and others. 

Kwanzaa is not about gift purchasing; it’s about spending quality time with loved ones. Making food with your family is the main holiday attraction, and everyone creates something to be shared and enjoyed. Kwanzaa dishes are inspired by traditional African foods mixed with southern African American dishes. Let’s explore some great veganized dishes.

Love Plantains? Enjoy this delicious High-Protein Sweet Plantains and Stewed Black Bean Bowl. It’s filling and, of course, easy to make on a budget. The goal with Kwanzaa is not to overspend, purchase or create something feasible. As long as you’re around loved ones, nothing else matters. 

Potatoes are classic, and anyone can enjoy them. Coconut and Turmeric Roast Potatoes are a great way to spice up your favorite vegetable. This recipe is a healthier option if you have a craving for breaded french fries with your meal. All you need is five ingredients, and you are done. Give yourself more time to do other fun Kwanzaa activities.

Black-Eyed Pea Chili With Collards is a staple in some households with a twist for Kwanzaa. Black eye peas are good luck in southern cooking for the New Year, and the peas represent coins, and collard greens represent the dollar bill. This dish will be perfect for cooking on the day of Ujamaa (cooperative economics). 

Time for sweets! Sweet potato pie is another classic but let’s make it different. Here is a deliciously decadent Sweet Potato Maple Mousse Pie recipe. What’s great about the recipe is that you don’t have to put the whipped cream on top because it’s in the pie. Perfect if you’re a presentation snob. You can enjoy these recipes all year, but go meat-free this year if you like to switch things up. Happy Kwanzaa!

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