Packages of ramen are notorious for being inexpensive. There are many varieties and they’re simple to make. Just add water! Nevertheless, your ramen doesn’t have to be sad and plain. The best part is you don’t have to buy expensive noodles or make your own broth, all of the tips below allow you to use the same package you’ve been eating since you were young!


This is the easiest way to make your ramen a little fancier. There are many ways to cook an egg, and ramen invites many different varieties of egg. You can boil an egg, slice it in half, and add it to the top of your cooked ramen. You can also scramble the egg into the ramen while it’s cooking or cook the egg beforehand as a topper. The best way though is to crack an egg in the broth when you have a few more minute of cook time and let it poach. By poaching the egg, you’ll have a decadent and silky topper!


While this isn’t the most traditional addition to ramen, once you try it, you’ll be wondering why it hasn’t been done for centuries. It’s coincidental that one of the best cheeses for ramen is the inexpensive American cheese slice. Once you’re ramen is cooked and in your bowl, lay a slice of American cheese on the top and let it melt over the noodles. The delicious and creamy texture of the cheese is guaranteed to take your ramen to the next level.

Ramen Noodles


If you haven’t had dumplings in your ramen before, it’s time to try! It may seem like an extra step, but it’s actually incredibly easy to incorporate dumplings into your ramen. As a first timer, buy a bag of frozen grocery from the grocery store that you think would pair well with your noodles. When the water starts to boil, add the frozen dumplings and all the water to come to boil again and then add your noodles and the flavor packets. Easy, right?!


Adding vegetables to your ramen is a great way to add some nutrients to your dish. Bok choy and mushrooms are some of the best vegetables to incorporate into your ramen and don’t add much additional time either!


If you’ve committed to making your ramen a full meal, it will greatly benefit from some form of meat (or tofu if you’re vegetarian!). Chicken, fish cakes, and even leftover steak are great additions to ramen. Rotisserie chicken is one of the easiest and best ways to incorporate more flavor and protein into your ramen.  

Rice cakes

Rice cakes are an incredible ingredient to add to your ramen. Rice cakes (or garaetteok in Korean) are little rice nuggets or slices that are chewy and add great texture. They’re not sweet and instead taste just like rice. You can find them at an Asian supermarket or even make your own!

Ramen Bowls

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