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It is almost summer, and time for all the vacation fun to begin. Going on an adventure is even more fun with our furry family members. Taking animals along to enjoy all the fun can involve a lot of preparations. While you are gathering the needed tools to keep them comfortable, take a look at some new gadgets to make it easier. Bringing them along shouldn’t be a pain.

Calming Treats

There are times that we want our pets to be crazy and have the energy to keep up with us. Then there are times that you want them to lay down and take a nap. Those times in a perfect scenario coinciding with the driving parts of the trip. Calming treats can help you travel much more effortless. Leaving the comfort of their home can cause pets to have anxiety and lead to them getting hurt or sick. Calming treats can help keep nervous animals calm while getting to places you want to explore with them.


Traveling with any extra passengers means they are bringing their smells along with them. Trapped inside a vehicle, this is not going to make it pleasant. Luckily just like dry shampoo for us to use during hair wash days, they have the same things for dogs and cats. Waterless no-rinse shampoo can be found at many different stores. Grab this before heading out on your next trip. This way, you don’t have to worry about bathing your furry family members after a long day of exploring.

Travel Gear

Packing up for a family is the worst part of going on a vacation. What if your pet supplies could always be ready to go? There will never be a time that you forget something meaningful for your pet. Take the stress off your plate by getting a travel bag with all the travel accessories. This comes with a bowl and bag for your pet’s food. Pocket to hold their toys and extra leashes and other gear you will need. By having these extras always put aside, you don’t have to pack up their everyday accessories.

Car Seats

When it comes to pet car seats, the laws do not exist, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use something. Protecting your car from nails and slobber that dogs love to bring with them with this car seat cover. It creates almost a hammock for your pet to lounge in and keeps them from trying to come to sit on your lap while you drive. For our smaller friends, a booster seat is a great option. They can see out the window and be buckled in safely. With animal travelers safely in their spots in the car, you can focus on getting to your destination safely.

There is no need to leave our four-legged friends’ home while we spend the summer traveling. Find the gadgets that make it worth taking them with you. Everyone will be happier exploring together.

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