The Japanese’s new marriage definition

Think you’re going to be forever alone? In an emerging pocket of Japanese culture, this idea is being embraced rather than shunned.

Single individuals in Japan are taking the reigns and thinking outside of the box when it comes to holy matrimony. These three emerging trends are turning traditional marriage on its head.

Marrying yourself

What happens when you’re ready for the wedding you always dreamed of, but you’re missing one key component: the groom? Some Japanese women are electing to marry themselves instead. Specialized Japanese agencies are now offering self-marriage packages, which include a gown, hair styling, limo and hotel services, and a commemorative photo album. Rather than the ceremony being about sadness over not having a partner, it is a way for single women to embrace and enjoy their lives as they are in the moment. And the idea is gaining steam—a woman in Italy recently made headlines for doing the same in her home country.

Marrying VR characters

Virtual Reality has brought about a great deal of interesting technology, but one of the most fascinating trends is the ability for people to marry the fictional characters they idolize. While it might not be a concept that most people are familiar with, the trend is not a new one—a Japanese gamer married a Nintendo DS character all the way back in 2009! It’s hard to say what the future of VR weddings will hold, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that more people are turning to it as a viable solution.

Marrying inanimate objects

Sometimes it doesn’t even take a compelling personality for single men to pop the question, as in the case of a Japanese gentleman that started a relationship with a silicone sex doll despite the objections of his wife and family. But the idea of marrying an inanimate object is not unique to Japanese culture, and there are even stranger unions that exist in places all around the world.

Take, for example, the Korean man who married a pillow, a German woman married to the Berlin Wall, and an Indian woman who married a clay pot after her fiancée failed to make it to their wedding.

While these non-traditional marriages might seem strange to the outside world, the idea of seizing the day and doing what makes you most happy is something admirable that we can all get behind.


  1. As far as marrying yourself, the basketball player, Rohdan, did that years ago in this country, as for the rest, if the find someone they want to marry, they would have to get a divorce, and how a avitar or inanimate object can sign an ordr of divorce, I would like to know how.

    • I think it’s ridiculous for someone to marry ones self. It would be like a criminal arresting himself and not having a police officer do it.

  2. I’m sorry but I need the warmth of my lovers arms and body next to mine. Marrying myself, a emoji or inanimate objects are not my thing. I’d rather be single and open to the love that will surely come. In other words I have hope.

  3. Non sense- and humorous!Self marriage-self divorce… you keep everything. Marry avitar and you can chose mute, off, on and make it do whatever you. Marry an inanimate object…depending upon the object one can always replace ot if it is stolen, breaks or is no longer attractive or needs to be updated. 🙂 All options seem needy and desperate!

  4. Marriage is sacred God saw all the animals but there was no mate for Adam God caused a deep sleep upon the man and took a rib from Adam and made him a mate Adam named. Her woman for this reason a man will leave father and mother and shall cleave into his wife so that they are no longer two but one flesh.

  5. Forever loyal, in love with the one I married whom makes me breathe a true breath…I miss you “keeper of the treasure” I am yours ❤

  6. I am in the same boat as you Shawn Weaver I know that I have my special someone out there somewhere and I feel I may find him sooner than I think.we all need someone to spoon and mold with the world is to cold to think I may never have watch of a lover.

  7. Too each your own.If it makes you feel complete.Then do it, life is short,embracing the moments of life is all we have.I remember this life, not the one I had in my past life…

    • Where is God in all of this? That’s the problem I believe .Now days it seems everything is about self and self gratification. I believe in marriage Man and woman. But an alternative lifestyle is up to each individual. I’ll stay with being old fashion and with God. Even if I’m alone on earth, I still have God.

  8. I’m married to myself but it just happened to be like this. No one asked me would you believe? Also circumstances beyond put me in this predicament. It can be a positive experience as I have more privacy and I won’t have to listen to complainers

  9. I think it’s crazy! Why bother? Just stay single or have a marriage like mine, we Liberace other, we eat meals together, go to family functions and love separately. We also keep our finances separate. Third marriage, why t am a any chanves?

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