Trail mix may arguably be one of the best snacks. It’s filled with a variety of ingredients, and if you make your own, it’s completely customizable. This wonderful snack is also portable and appropriate to eat at any time of the day. It’s enjoyed by people of all ages and can be healthy or decadent. If you haven’t made your own trail mix, today is the day. The best part is you don’t need a recipe. Just follow your gut (no pun intended) and create a mix that makes your heart happy.

Before you dive into the bulk bin section of the grocery store, try to find a coupon or deal. While making your own trail mix is a wonderful experience, it can get pricey and add up quickly. This is just something to keep in mind, so you’re not shocked by the price. The key is to add each of the ingredients sparingly first because a little bit of this and that can add to an overwhelmingly large bag of trail mix.

Once you’ve made the commitment to make your own trail mix, it’s time to start gathering all of your ingredients. The list below can help you get started so you don’t miss out on some great additions to your concoction. In addition, it can be beneficial to have a vision of what type of trail mix you want to create. It can follow a certain flavor profile like PB&J or Hawaiian. Or, it can also just be a random mix of your favorite ingredients. It’s up to you!

Trail Mix


Most trail mixes contain at least one type of nut. Peanuts are very common because they’re affordable, but it may be better to opt for more nutritious nuts such as almonds, walnuts, and brazil nuts. By all means, do not feel obligated to only one type of nut. Some of the best trail mixes have a great variety of nuts that complement each other with different shapes, sizes, and tastes. It can be helpful to have a plan as to how you prefer the nut to be made. Salted, roasted, and raw nuts are typically available, and can all serve as a great ingredient in your trail mix depending on your preference.

Dried Fruit

While not required, dried fruit is a great way to add sweetness to contrast the saltiness of the nuts. The chewiness of dried fruit also adds fantastic texture to the mix. Popular dried fruit include raisins, cranberries, apricots, pineapple, and banana chips. All are delicious and all can be added to your trail mix if that is your preference.

Trail Mix


In addition to nuts, granola is another great base for trail mix. Many bulk sections carry a variety of granola that you can add to your mix. And, if it’s not available in the bulk section, feel free to check out the cereal section to for granola. You can even opt for cereal instead if that’s your style!

Yogurt or Chocolate Covered

Last but not least, trail mix isn’t complete without the “gem” ingredient. For example, M&Ms are the “gem” ingredient in Monster trail mix. They’re the prized and favorite ingredient but wouldn’t taste as good by themselves. Besides M&M’s, you may want to consider adding yogurt covered raisins or chocolate covered nuts into your trail mix. This may be one of the best decisions you make when creating your own trail mix!

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