These days it is a little harder to plan your dream beach getaway vacation.  We are all slightly more attached to our homes which makes it difficult to get that feeling we need of relaxing and unwinding that vacations usually give.  This does not mean you can’t get that feeling without getting on a plane.  We all just need to be a little more creative with what we have.  Here are a few ways to bring the feeling of the getaway right to where you are.

Technology Break

Put your cellphone, computer and other electronic distractions away for a few days.  Decide when you vacation is going to start and end and shut off all devices during this period of time.  Give yourself a break from emails and spam phone calls to truly live off the grid for a period of time.  When you go on vacation you usually wouldn’t be worrying about these distractions, so give yourself that gift at home. 

Plan Your Itinerary

What do you want to do on your vacation?  Is it laying out in the sun and reading? Or hiking to a new location?  There are plenty of ways to cater to your needs right in your backyard.  Even buying an inflatable pool to put on your patio will give you the feeling of relaxation.  Sit in there with your book and a yummy cocktail and you’re ready to unwind.  If you like being more adventurous on your vacations, find a botanical garden or local hike you haven’t tried before.  The goal is to try new things that take you out of your normal routine.  Plan out your vacation itinerary and fill it with activities or relaxation ideas to keep it fresh. 

Spa day

At Home Spa

Plan a spa afternoon at home.  Buy some facial masks, look up a few DIY scrubs and pampering ideas and get relaxing.  Play Zen music in your home and light candles for atmosphere.  By planning out all of your elements ahead of time, you can just focus on being in the moment and soaking up all the good vibes.  Finish off by painting your nails and toes and then take a hot shower with a shower melt that will fill your bathroom with soothing smells.  There are so many ideas for home spa pampering.  Think about what your favorite parts of the spa are, and then create a relaxing menu with only the hits. 


Good Eats and Drinks

Some of the best parts of being on vacation are the food and drink you get to indulge in.  Plan your vacation menu and cocktail recipes and get to making.  Think of all the yummy things that make you happy and use that as your starting point.  Research a few delicious drinks with your favorite alcohols and create a menu that is perfectly catered to you.

Getting the feeling of a great vacation can be achieved at home if you plan ahead and focus on all the elements that bring you happiness and relaxation.  Look forward to planning your staycation and get to refreshing and reviving right where you are.

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