Pets are a great way to keep us from feeling lonely. Studies have shown that they can prolong your life. Animals are a great way to bring more happiness into our lives. When you take on a pet, you take on a lot of responsibility. They are a commitment, and depending on what you choose, it could be more than you can handle. Here is a list of pets that require a little less.


Fish can be a great first pet. You can go as big or as small as you want when becoming a fish owner. There are many options to choose from. From a small tank that can sit on your nightstand to a large aquarium that can take up a whole wall. The most significant investment will be the tank set up to make sure that your fish is living in the right environment. After you have your set up, you will have maintenance cleaning, but it is not daily. There will be hours of fun watching your fish enjoy the masterpiece you created.

fish tank


Hamsters are another excellent starter pet. They don’t need much space. To keep a hamster happy, you will need to start with a cage and clean bedding. They do need a little bit of exercise so you may want to get a wheel or some like tunnels they can roam around in. Once you tame your hamster, they can be a great companion to carry around. As long as they have a clean cage and food, they won’t mind if you don’t always have time to play.

Small Birds

There is a range of sizes when you start looking for that perfect bird. Getting a smaller bird will make it easier to find a cage that will fit into your home. Birds are a cinch to clean up after. All you need is a newspaper. Replace the paper in the cage, and you are done! Birds love to hang out, which makes them easy to entertain. They are happy to go along for the ride.

small bird


Ants may seem like a different choice, but there are many pros with this unconventional pet. There is no cleanup, and it isn’t a substantial commitment. It will be exciting to see the tunnels they create and how they live. The only downside to the ant farm is that most will not continue past six months without a queen ant. This is a great pet option if you travel a lot or have allergies.


If handled regularly a gecko can be as tame as a cat. They don’t need a ton of attention or space. The hardest part is making sure their enclosure is kept at a suitable temperature. They don’t need to be exercised. They do have to be fed and watered. Gecko’s are another pet that won’t make you feel guilty if you are unable to play every day. 

Find yourself the best companion to fit into your busy life!

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