With the weather starting to cool off, we all know that the holidays are almost here. The food is going to get more delicious with each party. And our minds are going to start prioritizing them over our routine of workouts and staying healthy. The struggling is finding the balance and getting ready for what we know we are about to face. Takes some tips from others trying to keep the balance and find out what works for your life.

Schedule Schedule Schedule

Like all those with a busy schedule, the key is always to write it down. Having the idea to fit in a workout when you can will result in that workout never happening. It doesn’t have to be the same time each day or even occurs every day. But it does need to be in your planner so that you know that hour is spoken for. Without this effort, there is bound to be something else that sneaks into that time slot. In between your work, family, and social life, you need to find the space for the activity of your choice.

Do More Now

Starting a workout challenge to balance out the extra holiday eating will stress you out and make festivities less fun. You need to be able to enjoy the time this holiday season with your family and friends. So put in the extra work now and feel less guilty when you indulge in an extra desert. Whenever you have a little spare time, squeeze in an extra workout. It will make you feel great to put in the extra effort ahead of time.

Be Active Together

The holidays are all about spending time with those that you love. Why does that time need to be spent sitting and eating? It does not. There is no rule stating that. Plan activities that get you outside and moving. Not only will your body be thanking you, but so will those that spend time with you. Instead of getting a ride, walk to the restaurant. Play a game outside instead of hitting a movie. Keep moving and stay healthier and able to do more for the holidays.

Eat Sensibly

Just because there are six different desserts does not mean that we need to every dessert. Eating sensibly is not a behavior that we are born with. It is something that we need to learn. And sometimes learning to is a little bit of a trial and error. Keep in mind that you want to eat healthily. Only eat until you are full, not until your plate is clear. You can enjoy your meal without trying everything. Drinking sensibly is just as essential as eating sensibly. The amount of water that we consume should not be lowered. Drink water and then drink more water. We need water to stay hydrated and healthy.

Don’t get behind! Start your preparations now and enjoy a healthy holiday season with those you love.

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