Start Young; Stay Young: 4 Tips for Modern Day Parents


Young children are impressionable. At a young age habits for a lifetime are formed. If young children are left to themselves, without guidance and support, they develop habits that may not be fruitful to shape their character. Parents, teachers, guardians and other responsible adults have to take care of this aspect of a child’s life. Now we are not talking about dictating rules and regulations to a child, we are talking about introducing healthy habits to a child and being an inspiration to them. Many adults let children watch the television for hours and hours just to get some time off! This is not just unhealthy for the child but can also be damaging. Another common example is hectic schedules forcing parents to stick to unhealthy eating habits and offering the same to the child.

Children are dependent and vulnerable. They look up to adults around them- be it parents,older siblings or teachers- for love and inspiration, for support and guidance. If a child is introduced to healthy habits from a young age they become a part of their lifestyle and personality. Some examples of these healthy habits, that must be inculcated from a young age, have been listed below:

  1. Eating Habits- Junk food is too easily available today. It’s fun, it’s luring andaccessible. But a habit to rely on unhealthy food can be detrimental to good healthin the long run. If children are made to clearly understand the ill effects and results, they are sure to accept these. A habit to eat well and healthy is set at a very youngage.

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  1. Hygiene- Staying clean and keeping your surroundings clean is another importanthabit that must be inculcated and encouraged from a young age. It makes a person independent and lead a healthy lifestyle.
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  1. Journaling- This is another great habit that becomes a part of one’s schedule ifstarted young. It helps a person reflect on his own life which makes a person self conscious and boosts self esteem in the long run.

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  1. Self Expression- This is possible in ways more that one! Some children express through an art form, others through communication. Whatever the way it isnecessary to form the habit of self expression from a young age. It’s a habit thatmakes a person aware of their inner beauty, and confident.

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Children who acquire good habits at a young age are sure to grow into responsible, likeable and confident adults.

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