Step up your lunch game with mason jar recipes

During the daily grind, lunch is usually the one chance you get to enjoy a mid-day break. But a lackluster lunch can put you in a bad mood and fail to amp you up enough to make it through the rest of the day. Pack lunches you’re sure to enjoy this week by trying out any of these mason jar recipes.

Chicken Pot Pie

When the temperatures drop and you’re stuck inside on a gloomy day, nothing perks up the spirit like a warm, homey dish like this one. Store-bought piecrust makes it simple to wow your coworkers with a gourmet style dish that’s super cute to boot.

Source: Cooking with Jax


Skip the mess of trying to wrestle your leftover lasagna into your tupperware by preparing this hearty dish straight in the jar.  Layer pre-cooked noodles with ground turkey, tomato sauce, and plenty of cheese for a filling dish that can be fully baked ahead of time.


Thai salad

Spice up the week with this Thai salad, which is a far stretch from the sad, wilted greens you’re used to taking to lunch. Vermicelli noodles and strips of steak make this dish as filling and satisfying as it is healthy.

Source: Brit + Co

Burrito bowl

Skip the mess (and the carbs) of a traditional burrito by bundling all the yummy fillings into a jar. Packed with healthy ingredients like quinoa, sweet potatoes, and Greek yogurt, you can enjoy the decadence of a traditional burrito and stay healthy while you’re at it.

Source: Strictly Delicious

Deconstructed sushi

Sushi aficionados everywhere will love this tasty and convenient dish. Save a few extra bucks by skipping your local sushi joint with this mason jar recipe, which combines the familiar flavors of nori, brown rice, and pickled ginger for a phenomenal lunch experience.

Source: Krista and Jess

DIY instant noodles

As a healthy and delicious alternative to store-bought instant noodles, try this much tastier version instead. Combine a flavor base of your choice with your favorite variety of noodle to get the party started. Then, get creative with your combination of proteins, toppings, and spices for a unique flavor experience every time.

Source: The Kitchn

Get out of the boring lunch slump by packing yourself a mason jar lunch or two this week.


  1. Nom Nom Nom, gonna make a few of them for tonights dinner & also for tomorrows work lunch. Cant wait to see how they turn out!
    I love food that’s FUN to eat, as well as TASTY!!

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