Before you even defrost the turkey, mash the potatoes, or pull the pies out of the oven, there’s one thing to consider—how you’re going to decorate the table! A few centerpieces or table decorations can go along way and don’t have to cost a lot. Check out a few of our favorite ideas for Thanksgiving.

Wood Block Pumpkins

We love fall décor that can serve double duty, and these adorable block pumpkins can hang out on your table September through November without missing a beat. Cut any extra 2×4’s you have laying around into small, assorted size blocks and paint them orange with acrylic paint. Finish the stems off with wooden dowels, and add on leaves and vines with whatever materials you please.

Source: Ribbons & Glue

Paper Plate Leaf

Keep the kiddos busy while you’re preparing your Thanksgiving meal by putting them in charge of making these adorable paper plate leaves. Offer them basic supplies like paper plates, card stock, tissue paper, and some craft glue, and let their imaginations run wild! Encourage them to create one for every family and friend at the table as a heartwarming favor for the end of the celebration.

Source: Glued to My Crafts

A Paper Flower Filled Cornucopia

Flowers are so gorgeous that it seems like a waste to let the fresh ones die after a week or two, right? Create timeless flowers in the vibrant shades of fall by making your own paper version. Using tissue paper, cardstock, floral wire, and a few other basic supplies, you can create gorgeous blooms to fill a traditional cornucopia.

Source: It’s Always Autumn

Apple Votives

If you’re getting a little sick of the run-of-the-mill turkey paraphernalia you usually set out for Thanksgiving, twist things up with this fall-friendly centerpiece. Soak your apples in apple cider vinegar ahead of the party to keep them looking fresh, and then use a melon baller to remove the very tops of the apples. Add a candle to the middle, then arrange the apples in pretty groups along the table.

Source: Little Green Notebook

Display Your Extra Tableware

Completely forgot about table décor until the last minute? Display your extra supplies in pretty vases, wooden boxes, and glassware for a whimsical touch. Rolled cloth towels and bunches of cutlery stored within reach of guests will add to the convivial feel of the celebration.

Source: Stone Gable Blog

Of course, at the end of the day, Thanksgiving is about the memories you make with family and friends. But adding festive décor to get everyone in the holiday spirit will make your day memorable and enjoyable for all.

Thanksgiving is about the memories

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