From time to time, people enjoy indulging in a captivating film. Whether it’s a comedy, a romantic comedy, or occasionally a horror movie, each genre has its appeal.

However, not every scene resonates with every viewer. Certain scenes have the power to make audiences promptly exit the theater or lose interest when watching from the comfort of their homes.

We have compiled a list of some of the most challenging movie moments to watch, spanning various genres. While we believe we have included them all, please inform us if anything was inadvertently overlooked.

Martyrs (2008): Skin

In this film, a kidnapped woman is confined in a basement and subject to constant and various torture methods. The most brutal moment is when the film depicts her being skinned alive by a surgeon and left to die on a crucifix. WOW!

Inside (2007): Scissors

In this movie, a deranged woman covered in black clothing is on a mission to steal another woman’s unborn baby from her stomach. In the end, she succeeds after murdering everyone in her way with just a pair of scissors! 

127 Hours (2010): Amputation

The final scene is the prolonged endeavor of a hiker knifing his arm off after getting stuck under a rock as an act of survival. With intermittent flashes of his unborn son and his severed arm, the hiker is finally able to free himself.

Pulp Fiction (1994): Pawn Shop

One of the most recognized films in history, it contains a terribly graphic scene of sodomy that remains with viewers long after finishing the film.

The act is perpetrated against some of the toughest men on the screen and ends with the assailant’s death.

A Serbian Film (2010): Newborn

As an attempt to convince one character that his homemade film is not pornography, he offers the character a private screening of it.

What the audience sees is the unfiltered version of a doctor delivering a baby.

Raw (2016): Bikini Wax

This movie features a disturbing sequence involving severed fingers and cannibalism, depicting a horrifying incident during a homemade bikini wax. When one of the main characters unintentionally severs her finger and faints, her sister shockingly resorts to consuming it.

Hunger (2008): Body Inspection

Who can withstand the physical oppression of confinement? This film tackles this question relentlessly inside a prison where a man starves himself to death in protest.

Bug (2006): Teeth

A character of a former soldier afflicted with paranoia that the government watches him after his trauma with biological testing asserts that bugs are implanted both on and in him.

After convincing himself that bugs are in his teeth he rips it out himself with some pliers.

Cape Fear (1991): Thumbs

A wrongly incarcerated rapist seeks vengeance on the lawyer responsible for his conviction. 

His plan involves deceitfully posing as a high school teacher to seduce the lawyer’s daughter, exploiting her innocence in a way that intensifies the audience’s emotions of anger and disgust.

Oldboy (2003): Tongue

Showing the scene of a man cutting his tongue off completely, it is left to disturb the audience by not allowing them to turn away.

This atrocious act is perpetrated as a means to withhold a certain truth forever.

Black Swan (2010): Cuticles

The film’s main ballerina character subjects herself to visceral punishment, giving her some sadistic undertones and a sense of her impending disconnection from reality.

Donnie Brasco (1997): Bodies

An undercover detective is forced to engage in criminal activity to ascertain his position within the crime family by getting rid of murdered enemies.

The scene shows the detective saw dead bodies while blood splays upon his face.

Requiem for a Dream (2000): Marion

This film shows the destructive force of drugs. It shows the story of a mother, her son, and his girlfriend self-destruct from the abuse of narcotics.

In an attempt to score more drugs, she enters a stage surrounded by men withholding money and flashlights.

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