These baby animal videos are sure to brighten your day

No matter the species, there’s something about baby animals that we can’t resist. And just like human babies, baby animals are full of silliness, charm, and endless joy. Check out a few of the cutest baby animal videos out there.

A group of baby sloths get a bath

Sloths are adorable to begin with, but baby sloths are in a league of their own! A group of rescued baby sloths get bathed, dried, fed a special snack, and then snuggle up for a nap at the end of a long, tiring day.

Baby elephant gets confused by his own trunk

“This thing couldn’t be mine, right?” This tiny baby elephant was just going about with his day, as usual, when he made a startling discovery–his own trunk! See what he does once he realizes the very thing he is baffled by is attached to his own face.

This sweet little rhino practices his charges and plays the day away

Rhinos may not be one of the most traditionally cute animals, but this adorable little guy will change your mind. Watch this baby rhino as he runs, explores, and practices some extra fierce charges.

Reluctant baby panda gets a bath

No matter the species, moms will be moms! When this baby panda decides she doesn’t want to take a bath, mamma panda takes matters into her own hands. Any parent can relate to this adorable video!

Baby otter takes a snuggly nap

It’s tough work being a baby. A sweet sea otter pup born at the Monterey Bay Aquarium takes a midday nap with her favorite snuggle partner, her mom! Watching the two interact is sure to melt your heart.

Baby goats have a pajama party

Baby goats can’t get any cuter, right? Wrong! Watch these cuties frolic and play while wearing adorable onesie-style pajamas. Remember to watch with the sound on for extra cuteness.

Something about animal babies is enough to make anyone smile. Share your favorite of these videos with a friend to make their day a little bit brighter.

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