If you’re over summer and ready for fall, you’re not alone. Here are a few ways you can start to transition your life in preparation for autumn. 

Preserve your Memories

Summer is full of good times and happy memories. One way you can prepare yourself for fall is to preserve all of your summer memories. Whether you’re a fan of scrapbooking or prefer to do things digitally through platforms like Shutterfly or Chatbooks, keeping a record of your adventures is a great idea. It’s fun to have physical copies of your memories to look back on when you’re feeling nostalgic. It’s also good to document your life for posterity as well. These are the types of heirlooms that will be treasured by your children and grandchildren. 

Create a Fall Meal Plan

The changing of the seasons means new opportunities to switch up your meal plan. An article written by Tris Thorp for chopra.com explains, “Fall means new seasonal fruits and vegetables will hit store shelves and your local farmers’ market. Revisit your meal plan and design one that includes fresh seasonal veggies and fruits, and explore new recipes for more grounding foods as you move into the cooler months.” Shopping seasonally is also a great way to save money in the grocery store. It’s a tip worth trying! 

Pull Out Fall Clothes

Start packing away some of your summer clothes and pull out your fall wardrobe. This will definitely help you get ready for a new season. However, be cautious not to pack away all your summer clothes. There will still be warm weather ahead. It’s important that you slowly transition your wardrobe into fall. Don’t pack away clothes you can still wear as the last few weeks of summer weather continue. 

Find Activities for Shorter Days

Some people find that with shorter days and less sunlight, Seasonal Affective Disorder can rear its’ ugly head. Finding activities you can do throughout fall will help curb some of this sadness. When you find new hobbies it can help stimulate your brain and bring you joy. 

Adjust your Schedule

Schedules seem to change with the seasons. If you’re a student or parent of students, things will shift dramatically as you or your children go back to school. Start now, at the end of summer, to rework your routines. This will ensure that you seamlessly transition into fall without too much trouble. 

Plan Excursions

Many people tend to spend more time indoors during the fall and winter months. To avoid this, start planning some fun, seasonal excursions now. It’s important to your mental health to be social. Talk to your friends and/or family and choose outings you would like to do together. Get them on the calendar and follow through.

Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for saying goodbye to summer early. Use these tips to help you transition your life in preparation for fall. 

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