Try these healthy substitutes for your favorite junk foods

The hardest part of eating healthy isn’t munching on carrot sticks between meals or enjoying a protein shake after a workout—it’s resisting temptation when you’re craving your favorite fatty junk foods. Rather than cutting out your vices outright, try a healthier alternative to some of our favorite treats.

Baked buffalo cauliflower wings

Even though football season is over, you probably love a savory batch of hot wings as much as the next person. Create a veggie version of this tasty dish by replacing traditional chicken wings with cauliflower. The starchy vegetable, coated in batter and cooked twice, mimics the texture of meat incredibly well and provides a filling alternative to the deep-fried counterpart.

Source: Gimme Delicious

One skillet garlic parmesan zoodles

There’s nothing quite like a steaming bowl of delicious, cheesy pasta—or is there? Instead of ruining your diet with a bowl full of straight carbs, whip up these zoodles, or noodle-like substitutes made out of zucchini. It’s an incredible way to fulfill one craving while getting your daily dose of veggies at the same time.

Source: Almost Supermom

Date caramel

If candy and other sweets tend to be your downfall when trying to eat healthy, this recipe will be your saving grace. Rehydrate your favorite variety of dates by blending them with warm water in a food processor. The result is such a tasty substitute for a traditional caramel sauce that you may never go back.

Source: The Minimalist Baker

Two-ingredient banana pancakes

If you’ve made it a goal to eat less bread, you’ll be shocked to see how easy it is once you try this recipe. Imitate a traditional pancake with this simple blend of ripe bananas and eggs, and be ready to be transported to a place of breakfast bliss.

Source: Food Network

Sugar-free coconut vanilla ice cream

It’s one in the morning and you want nothing more than to break into your emergency stash of Ben & Jerry’s. Instead, whip out this recipe, which requires only two ingredients, a couple of hours, and tastes like an absolute dream. Even better, it has absolutely no added sugar.

Source: In Sonnet’s Kitchen


If you’re trying to quit your soda habit, but love carbonation, it’s time to give kombucha a try. While brewing your own batch at home may seem daunting, it’s easy to make once you get into the swing of things, and the new hobby will provide a welcome distraction from your cravings.

Source: The Kitchn

Eating healthy is hard, and it’s only human to have a few setbacks along the way. But the next time you have a craving you can’t kick, try one of these healthy substitutes to keep you on the right track.


  1. I have been eating only chicken, fish, veggies and fruits. Cauliflower pizza crust is amazing. Spaghetti squash is so good. There are so many healthy snacks.

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