Are you tired of those meat-filled BBQs and feeling sluggish? How about switching it up and incorporating fulfilling vegan summer meals! If you’re thinking, “I hate salads.” No worries, these recipes will fill you up and boost your mood for fun summer festivities. We’ll break it down into breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner. Let’s dive in:


Let’s start really simple and familiar. Who doesn’t love classic oats? It’s versatile and filling. 

A Breakfast Burrito always does the trick if you’re not in the mood for oats and would rather have a delicious savory breakfast. We all know any burrito is going to fill you up. Side note: if you’re not interested in soy, no worries. There are plenty of non-soy vegan proteins like Field Roast Vegan Sausage. You can use these sausages for any meal, and it’s packed with protein. 


Anyone can agree a classic sandwich can go a long way. Again we want to stay familiar yet creative. This Buffalo Chickpea Salad Sandwich takes only five minutes and looks so good!

Are you trying to stay away from eating bread? No problem, eat a delicious vegan bowl, a bowl filled with delicious, healthy ingredients. These bowls can be customizable, keeping you full during the summer day; here are some ideas.


 It’s snack time! Snacks can be a sinful weakness, or they can be nutritious. Let’s be good with something healthy; these chewy superfood Hemp Protein Bars will help hold you over by dinner. If health is not an issue and you want to indulge, discover these accidentally vegan snacks


You should still feel full; if not, this satisfying vegan recipe idea will help. How about baked Black Bean Taquitos or Vegan Lemon Fettuccine Alfredo. Who says vegan meals cant be filling? These creative vegan meals will help you take a break from the grill for the summer. 

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