When we usually think of places to upgrade our homes or spend money, one area that is often neglected is the bedroom.  We often think that no one really sees the bedroom except ourselves and our pets, so there isn’t much point in putting effort there.  The total opposite is true and by upkeeping your bedroom, you are upkeeping yourself and your health.  Here are a few easy ways to upgrade your bedroom and take care of yourself at the same time.

New Bedding

The easiest way to change a bedroom up is through bedding.  Come up with a new color scheme or theme that you love and find bedding to match.  Even a few new throw pillows can make a room look more polished.  Find something that makes you happy and display it right where you lay your head every night.  New sheets that are soft and welcoming are also a great idea.  You want to love getting into your bed every night, make it more about the experience and less about crashing into sleep all the time.

Smells So Good

Find a scent you love and make it part of your bedroom.  Everything from a diffuser, wall plug ins or room spray will help you translate smell into relaxation.  You’ll feel so welcomed when you walk into your bedroom with its own unique smell.  Choose something calming so it sends a message to your brain it’s time to wind down and relax.  You’ll be drifting off to sleep in no time once you train your brain for night mode.

Find Your Bedtime Ritual

Another great way to train your brain to shut off is coming up with a bedtime ritual.  Think about the things that make you cozy and comforted.  Use a lavender essential oil or dreamy moisturizer before climbing into bed.  Commit to putting your phone away and read a book or download a sleep app like Calm or Loona.  Make small changes and your brain will catch on.  Also make sure you have all your nighttime essentials right by your bed.  Lip balm, water, whatever you need to stay cozy once you hit those sheets.  You can keep some socks in your nightstand for times when your feet get cold.  Think of anything that you might need for your nighttime slumber and keep it within reach.


Streamline your bedroom so that it can’t contain clutter.  A cluttered and messy bedroom leads to a cluttered and messy mind.  While it’s hard for many, try not to leave clothes or shoes thrown all over the floor.  Your brain takes in all these outside messages.  Always make your bed in the morning.  It looks nice, it’s easy to do, and it makes you feel accomplished.  By keeping your bedroom clean and tidy, it will help you mentally keep it tidy. 

These are just a few ideas to upgrade your bedroom and stay mentally healthy.  Cater your bedroom to your needs and see the benefits one sleep at a time.

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