This time of year is known for delicious desserts we can share with loved ones.  What better dessert than fudge to spread the joy and cheer?  It’s great for parties, easy to give as gifts and fun to share all around.  Here are some unique fudge recipes that will be hits no matter where you share them!

Blueberry Muffin Fudge

This recipe is not only beautiful with its blue color and fresh blueberries, but completely no bake and easy to make!  Topped with oatmeal and brown sugar, these bars would be perfect for not only holiday treats, but summer barbecues or spring outings.  Keep this recipe saved for friends and family all year round.

Source: Marisa’s Mixing Bowl

Gingerbread Fudge

Is there anything more holiday than gingerbread?  This is a perfect combination of creamy, crunchy, spicy and festive that will have you reaching for more.  And it takes less than 10 minutes to make!  What’s not to love about a delicious easy recipe when the holiday rush is around?

Source: Sweet 2 Eat Baking

Creamy Lemon Fudge

These just sound refreshingly sweet.  Perfect for all year round, these would be the bright zesty dessert your friends and family love.  This recipe uses the flavor from real lemons, no extracts here, to give its bold unique taste.  It’s the perfect blend of lemon and white chocolate topped with some crunchy sprinkles for décor and texture.

Source: Sugar Salt Magic

Harry Potter’s Butterbeer Fudge

Wizards unite!  Any witch or wizard knows butterbeer is the best drink in the entire wizarding world.  Take your favorite beverage and make it into a delectable dessert with this recipe.  It uses the flavors of butter rum and butterscotch to brew one magical treat.  Serve at your next Harry Potter movie marathon or give as gifts to any butterscotch loving friends.

Source: Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt

Unicorn Fudge

It just keeps getting more magical!  This fudge is beautiful with its dreamy purple color – fit for any princess.  These would be perfect for the whimsy lover in your life who can’t get enough of unicorns or rainbows.  Take your dessert game to the next level with this recipe that features fanciful sprinkles on top.  Creamy and crunchy, you won’t be able to pass these up.  A feast for the eyes and the stomach.

Source: Sprinkles for Breakfast

Everyone loves fudge but wow your friends and family with these unique takes on a classic treat.  They will inspire you to create new recipes and flavors to keep the party going all year long! 

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