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Quick After School Snacks That Won’t Ruin Dinner

Quick After School Snacks That Won’t Ruin Dinner

If your kids are anything like mine, they come home starving and being a busy mom I find myself scrambling at times to find a healthy afterschool snack that won’t ruin their dinner. They want something delicious after a long day of learning and grabbing a bag of chips...

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No Bake Desserts

No Bake Desserts

Tis the season of potlucks, bbqs and various other functions where you will be asked to bring some kind of edible contribution. Wow your friends, family and coworkers by bringing in a delicious no bake dessert. Here are a few recipes that are sure to impress....

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How to Turn Exercise into a Habit

Exercising more often is a common goal. You want to be stronger, faster, and healthier. You start a new membership and create calendar events that read ‘Gym”. As days past, your motivation dwindles. The scheduled gym sessions turn into Netflix binges instead. How did...

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Small Healthy Changes that Impact in Big Ways

It’s a few months into the year and it’s likely safe to say that some of our resolutions have fallen to the wayside and it is time to ease up on putting so much pressure on ourselves.  There are plenty of little changes that can lead toward better habits in no...

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5 Tips for Dealing with The Winter Blues

It is well-known that many people suffer from mood changes in the depths of winter. Shorter daylight hours, post-holiday doldrums, and bad weather prevent us from getting outside or socializing with others. Some people are hit harder than others, suffering from a...

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Popular Recipes

Quick and Unique Instant Pot Recipes

The wonderful kitchen contraption taking the world by storm is the Instant Pot.  Take your mother’s crock pot, super charge it, and you have the one stop appliance that will make you neglect...

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Talking about S’mores

There are few things better than sitting around a summer campfire enjoying a delicious s’more. However, if you’re craving a s’more outside of the summer months, do not fear! Not only is this treat...

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Healthy and Easy Sheet Pan Dinners

What’s even easier than a one pot dinner? A sheet pan dinner! All it takes is a little chopping and you can let the oven do the rest! Read on for some tasty suggestions: 1. Sheet Pan Steak Fajitas...

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