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Stew Recipes for Busy People

Stew Recipes for Busy People

Soup is a great go-to dinner, but sometimes we want something thicker and richer to warm up those cold winter evenings. Stew used to be a dish best served on days off when there was more time to tend to the pot, but there are plenty of recipes that cut out the tedious...

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How to Make Your Own Trail Mix

How to Make Your Own Trail Mix

Trail mix may arguably be one of the best snacks. It’s filled with a variety of ingredients, and if you make your own, it’s completely customizable. This wonderful snack is also portable and appropriate to eat at any time of the day. It’s enjoyed by people of all ages...

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Small Healthy Changes that Impact in Big Ways

It’s a few months into the year and it’s likely safe to say that some of our resolutions have fallen to the wayside and it is time to ease up on putting so much pressure on ourselves.  There are plenty of little changes that can lead toward better habits in no...

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5 Tips for Dealing with The Winter Blues

It is well-known that many people suffer from mood changes in the depths of winter. Shorter daylight hours, post-holiday doldrums, and bad weather prevent us from getting outside or socializing with others. Some people are hit harder than others, suffering from a...

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3 Crucial Foundations of Good Sleep

Adequate sleep is a proven remedy to many daily ailments that may bog you down throughout the day. Caffeine is often used as a band-aid to counteract the effects of lost sleep, but it’s masking an issue that won’t get better with extra shots of espresso. Of the 100...

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Eight Hearty and Easy Soups to Warm Up With

There are few things that can warm you up on a cold winter day like a hearty bowl of soup. From a classic clam and chowder to a fantastic Italian sausage soup, there’s so much variety out there....

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Traditional Holiday Cookies

Establishing and maintaining holiday traditions can be a magical experience. Unsurprisingly, food seems to be at the center of most celebrations. Learning to prepare traditional food and treats is...

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