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5 Crowd Pleasing Vegetarian Meals

5 Crowd Pleasing Vegetarian Meals

Whether you're vegetarian, looking to make a lifestyle change or simply get tired of having meat in every dish, these meal ideas are sure to be a hit. Vegetable Lasagna Vegetable lasagna is a delicious and cost effective way to feed a large group of people. The best...

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Stew Recipes for Busy People

Stew Recipes for Busy People

Soup is a great go-to dinner, but sometimes we want something thicker and richer to warm up those cold winter evenings. Stew used to be a dish best served on days off when there was more time to tend to the pot, but there are plenty of recipes that cut out the tedious...

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Subscription Boxes

It’s no secret why subscription boxes are becoming increasingly popular. These services allow you to receive monthly deliveries of virtually anything you desire. These boxes cover a variety of interests from clothing to snacks. With so much to choose from, finding...

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Stretching Routines for Stress Relief

A regular stretching practice has been shown to have many physical and emotional benefits. Aside from the obvious benefits of increasing flexibility, stretching helps with mental and physical relaxation, prevents muscle soreness, and helps the body produce chemicals...

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How to Turn Exercise into a Habit

Exercising more often is a common goal. You want to be stronger, faster, and healthier. You start a new membership and create calendar events that read ‘Gym”. As days past, your motivation dwindles. The scheduled gym sessions turn into Netflix binges instead. How did...

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How to Make Your Own Trail Mix

Trail mix may arguably be one of the best snacks. It’s filled with a variety of ingredients, and if you make your own, it’s completely customizable. This wonderful snack is also portable and...

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Eight Hearty and Easy Soups to Warm Up With

There are few things that can warm you up on a cold winter day like a hearty bowl of soup. From a classic clam and chowder to a fantastic Italian sausage soup, there’s so much variety out there....

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