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How to give yourself a DIY facial at home

How to give yourself a DIY facial at home Whether you’ve had a facial at a professional spa in the past, or simply dream about enjoying the experience one day, rest assured in the knowledge that you can give your skin the pampering it deserves straight from your home....

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Delicious Winter Crock Pots

Delicious Winter Crock Pots

With the cooler months rolling in it’s time to break out your crock pot and whip up some delicious hearty meals. The winter months are the perfect time to try out some new recipes and discover some of your new favorites. Below is a list of awesome delicious crockpot...

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Get You Back to School Menu Ready

Get You Back to School Menu Ready

Schedules and structures disappear during the summer. We need a break and time to relax and reset. As we are getting closer to the beginning of school, it is time to think about introducing the structure again. Planning a menu each week can be a daunting task,...

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    You Have to Try These Air Fryer Recipes

    Air fryers have swept the nation. People are enjoying the ability to create their favorite dishes in a more healthy way. You can still get a delicious crispiness to your meals without all the hassle of submerging and cooking it in oil. Check out these mouth- watering...

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    Best Cat Treats and Toys

    Keeping your family kitty cat happy and healthy is important to their life and longevity. If you have a feline in your family, make sure they are getting proper exercise, stimulation, and overall playtime and love. This will give them a long happy life with you with...

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    Prepare Physically Now for Holiday Season

    With the weather starting to cool off, we all know that the holidays are almost here. The food is going to get more delicious with each party. And our minds are going to start prioritizing them over our routine of workouts and staying healthy. The struggling is...

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    Food for the soul

    Popular Recipes

    Easy Summer Recipes

    When summer hits and the warm weather is here to stay, you want to celebrate with good friends and great food.  These can be your go-to summer recipes that are workhorses at parties, barbeques, and...

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    6 Easy Fruit Desserts to Enjoy this Summer

    Is there anything better than enjoying fresh fruit? It’s hard to think of anything more refreshing. Double down on your fruit game this summer by indulging in some easy desserts. Fruit Pizza Truth...

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