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How to give yourself a DIY facial at home

How to give yourself a DIY facial at home Whether you’ve had a facial at a professional spa in the past, or simply dream about enjoying the experience one day, rest assured in the knowledge that you can give your skin the pampering it deserves straight from your home....

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Twisted Pretzel Recipes

Twisted Pretzel Recipes

Pretzels are a snack that are always welcomed for any occasion.  From movie nights to picnics to birthday parties, you can whip up some twisted treats.  If you think there is only one way to make a pretzel, look to these recipes for inspiration.  You’ll...

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Breakfast Recipe Ideas

Breakfast Recipe Ideas

Breakfast is the most important part of the day, but we can often get in a rut when it comes to starting the day off right.  Revive your early morning taste buds with these recipes whether you need something quick before work or fun ideas for Sunday brunch with...

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    Household Items that Double as Weights

    Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, weights and other exercise equipment have become increasingly difficult to find. High demand means that many items are either out of stock or marked up to a ridiculous amount of money. If you can't find the weights you need, look...

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    Advice for Healing an Injury

    Injury can happen in the blink of an eye and is often unexpected. It’s also unwelcome and can be very difficult to manage when you have all the other parts of life to take care of in your day. With that being said, it’s important to take some critical steps when...

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    A Case of the Cold: Remedies to Combat Symptoms

    It’s the season for scarves and sweaters and unfortunately, sniffles. Somehow, when a taste of cold weather starts to creep in, so does our propensity to catch the common cold. While there’s nothing that can truly cure a cold, there are certainly ways to make it just...

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    Food for the soul

    Popular Recipes

    Spring Recipes

    The weather is beginning to change. The plants are thawing out from winter, and we are all spending more time outside. The gardens will start blooming and giving us a bunch of fresh treats to eat....

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    Yummy Fudge Recipes

    This time of year is known for delicious desserts we can share with loved ones.  What better dessert than fudge to spread the joy and cheer?  It’s great for parties, easy to give as gifts...

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    Five Brunch Recipes

    The beauty of brunch lies in simple food that tastes incredible. Let your meal speak for itself by giving the following recipes a try. Raspberry Lemon Pound Cake Raspberry and lemon is a flavorful,...

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