Keeping your family kitty cat happy and healthy is important to their life and longevity. If you have a feline in your family, make sure they are getting proper exercise, stimulation, and overall playtime and love. This will give them a long happy life with you with your family members. Here are a few ideas for the best cat treats and toys that are out there today.  Get shopping and watch how your cat goes crazy for these.

Stimulation Toys

The reason why the stereotype of a fat lazy cat comes to mind is because they are grown and developed that way. We as parents and human owners need to keep our cat active, otherwise, they will fall into that fat lazy lifestyle. Investing in toys that keep their mind stimulated and their body moving are the best for a long healthy lifestyle. Puzzle toys that hide treats that make them forage for them or make them work to get them are the easiest way to do this. Keep whatever type of brain they have up there motivated and they will live a longer, happier life.

Healthy Treats, Healthy Teeth

Feline Greenies are a great product that help promote your cat’s dental health. They feel like a treat, however they are working overtime to keep your felines teeth pretty, healthy, and free of disease. Follow the instructions for feeding and your cat’s chompers will stay nice and sharp.  Your cat won’t know that you’re giving them something healthy because they will be too busy enjoying the snacks.

Churu Rolls

If you haven’t used these with your cat, this is going to be a game changer. A treat called Churu Rolls are an easy way to make your cat more affectionate and love you to pieces without having them squirm in your lap for cuddles. These snacks require you to hold a roll that makes your cat need to be in close proximity to you in order to enjoy it. This builds a strong bond and connection, and your cat will love you for it.

Places to Scratch and Destroy

Your cat is made to destroy things. It’s preferable that it’s not your furniture and curtains, so make sure you give them lots of places to scratch, destroy, and rip up things. A great cardboard box is a cat’s best friend. Providing scratching surfaces such as a scratch post or scratch lounger will keep them off your belongings. Target has combined these two with adorable little cardboard houses and dwellings that are pretty inexpensive, and your cat can go to town destroying them. When it gets too battered, throw it out and get a new one.  They also come with seasonal themes to add some festive cheer!

Taking care of your little kitty and keeping them happy and healthy has never been easier. Getting a few of these treats and toys will make you the cat’s meow and make you the favorite family member.  Who doesn’t love that?

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