Springtime is the prettiest time – the weather is beautiful and the sun shines on the flowers, giving them rebirth and growth for the new year.  Flowers are just as unique and lovely as you are, so take a page from them and celebrate this time of year! Surround yourself with flowers wherever you go, giving yourself an instant mood boost, no matter where you are.

Dress like the flowers

Flower Dress

Floral prints and patterns on clothing always scream spring and can immediately add a pep in your step.  Try experimenting with not only floral prints, but also floral colors.  Love tulips?  Pair green pants with a pink top.  Pick out a flower for inspiration and plan an outfit to mimic its style and colors.  Add colorful jewelry and sunglasses to complete your floral outfit, you’ll be a ray of sunshine everywhere you go.

Flower power


Plant a little garden in your apartment or buy yourself flowers to display in different spots in your house.  Seeing the bright colors will surprise you and immediately bring a smile to your face.  Don’t wait for someone else to give you flowers, you can find some inexpensive ones at farmers markets or grocery stores.  Have a plant on your desk at work to water every day.  Adding these little buds to your life will bring happiness in unexpected ways.

Plan a trip


Search out local botanical gardens or parks with flowers on display and go visit them. Learn about the flowers you are seeing around you, pick out your favorites, most and least.  Go with some friends or take some well-deserved alone time enjoying nature.  Taking in the beautiful colors and smells will be relaxing as well as informative.  You might even find your new favorite flower.

Garden party

garden party

Host a party at your place with flowers and spring as the theme.  It’s a great time to catch up with friends new and old as their lives are ever changing and blooming.  Decorate with real or artificial flowers.  Make dishes where edible flowers are the star.  This theme has endless opportunities, people will have fun with it.  You could have a flower costume contest or baking competition where everyone shows off their creations. 

Finding little ways to incorporate these bursts of happiness will contribute to a joyful life filled with surprise.  Bringing in these beauties and giving them a home will help with your well-being and keeping your life colorful.

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