Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, weights and other exercise equipment have become increasingly difficult to find. High demand means that many items are either out of stock or marked up to a ridiculous amount of money. If you can’t find the weights you need, look around your home to find suitable substitutes. Here are some household items that can serve a duel purpose.

Gallon of Water

Gallons of Water

You don’t need fancy weights in order to exercise. You can accomplish a workout with common household products. Sarah Cook, a writer for states, “Water and milk jugs are great because they have handles — making them easy to grip, curl and swing. These can work as makeshift dumbbells or kettle bells, great for swings and carries! (If you opt for milk, finish the contents before re-purposing it so your milk doesn’t spoil! Then, rinse and fill the jug with water.)” If you’re looking to add more weight than water will allow, try filling a gallon jug with sand. The benefit to using these containers for weight is that they make it easy to add or subtract weight. Pour out or add whatever substance you desire.

Case of Soda

Chances are you already have a case of soda laying around your house. Put that weight and convenient packaging to good use. Lift it over your head for a great shoulder workout or hold it to your side to do shoulder shrugs. You can also hold a case while you squat. Use a 12 pack for a lighter weight and a 24 pack for lifting heavier. If you’re looking for something extra heavy, consider a case of water.

Full Backpack

A backpack is also a great option for adding weight to your exercise routine. Cook also states, “The original weighted vest = a backpack! Fill a sturdy backpack with books or canned foods, strap it on your back and wear it around the house. Body weight exercises like squats, lunges and pushups will be extra tough! You can even take the backpack off and grasp the straps to perform curls, shoulder presses or makeshift kettle bell swings.” This is an incredibly versatile piece of makeshift equipment. Give it a try and see how it can elevate your workout.

Paint Cans

Can of Paint

The above mentioned article also states, “Those paint cans you have piled high in your garage? They were made for farmer carries! Lift up those bad boys and walk them down your driveway or around the house.” If you happen to have empty cans you can always fill them up with rocks or sand in order to add additional weight. It’s easy to do and will give you a lot of options for bicep/triceps exercises as well as some shoulder work.

If you want to add weight to you exercises but can’t find/afford the dumbbells or kettle bells you want, utilize products you have around your home. Be creative in order to keep making progress. 

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