Travel Tips: How to make every travel, your best ever!

Travelling is probably the most enriching experience that can open up a whole new world for us! Whether its travelling to the neighborhood town, a new city, state or country; each and every place has its unique charm and magic! Travelling is possibly the most commonly shared passion among people of all age groups, across the world. Every traveler, has a specific and significant purpose for travelling; for some it could be to explore a new culture, for some it could be to taste adventure, for some a peek into history or natural wonders. Whatever the reason, every kind of travel experience brings in new shades of joy that we never knew existed.

Photo credit: Hamza Butt

When planning a travel, the very first thing one needs to do is find the right place! Finding the right place includes- align your purpose of travel with what a specific place has in store for you, check the climate conditions of the place when you plan to visit, balance your budget with approximate daily expenditure and check for ‘peek’ or ‘low’ seasons. Yeah! You don’t just pick your bag and set off!

Now that you know where and when you are going, keep in mind the following points:

  • Book accommodations and travel tickets as early as possible for the best deals.
  • Ensure that the accommodation is not way out of the main city or you’ll be spending all your time and money in public transport.
  • Check for renting possibilities- car, bike, Segway, hover board or anything you may need or fancy!
  • If travelling international, apply for the Visa well in advance and check and then double check to make sure you have all the necessary documents.
  • Always, always, always carry photocopies of all your documents (passport, ID, booking documents etc.)
  • Make a small to- do list for your travel. No you don’t need to be overly organized but at least you’ll not miss out on the ‘musts’ of the place you are travelling to.
  • Start planning for the travel- the things you need to buy and pack, but travel light!

Travelling is a great experience but not planning properly can make it a sad experience. Being bitten by wanderlust is amazing but make sure you are feeding your passion with a full proof plan. Travel the world and make memories for a lifetime!


  1. I love travelling, it makes me explore new things and meet alot of people from all angles of the region. Travelling is a form of education.

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